Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iggy Pop - Passenger

I had never listened to Iggy Pop.  However, I am a big fan of the Rollins Band.  Someone told me that I should look up Rollins speaking on trying to top Iggy Pop, and how no matter how hard he tried to beat Iggy, he couldn't show him up.  If Rollins wants to beat a guy on stage, I would think he could do it if he wanted to, but he can't beat Iggy no matter what he tries or how hard tries doing it.  Here's some videos of Rollins speaking on trying to beat Iggy on stage.

The PassengerSo after watching these videos, I thought maybe it would be worth buying an Iggy CD. I went with Lust for Life since I found it used. I wanted to get a Stooges CD instead, but they were all new and listed at full price.

To my surprise most of the songs sounded like David Bowie.  I even thought I heard David Bowie singing on some of the tracks.  I checked the notes and Bowie actually wrote the music to most of the tracks, and Iggy just wrote the lyrics.  So the music on Lust for Life didn't meet my expectations from hearing Rollins speak on the man, but I've watched some live videos and Iggy does fit Rollins' description in some cases.

The song that stood out to me from Lust to Life was "The Passenger".  Here's a video of "The Passenger" from Youtube edited together with old school Hollywood clips:

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