Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reasons to buy Music #1

Some people don't buy CDs anymore.

Here's one reason to buy CDs:

The artwork.

Some CDs have lots of cool pieces of art in the sleeve.  The art can help you get inside the music as you listen to it.  With some bands, I can't understand the words of a song at all.  But if I bought the CD, I can easily read the lyrics since many bands supply them inside the sleeve.  Once I've read the lyrics to a song I couldn't normally understand, I can then easily remember the words and understand them every time I listen to them after that.

Here's some of the artwork within a CD I just recently purchased: Leviathan by the band, Mastodon.

The album cover.  The album is a concept album based on the novel Moby Dick.

This piece of art gives an idea to the craziness that lurks beneath the sea!

These images all accompany the songs on Leviathan and help ignite my imagination to picture what the riffs of this album are depicting as Ahab does battle with the white whale!  If I didn't purchase the CD, I might have also missed that these songs all piece together to form one complete story arch.  This is by no means a rock opera, but it still tells a story and the artwork is part of that story.  I even saw an interview with one of the band members and he mentioned that they have an art team and that even though the music was complete, it was still going to take months for the art team to finish their job. 

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