Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jay Chou - Nunchucks

I lived in China for three years. During this time, I heard a few Chinese songs played again and again and again over speakers in restaurants, stores, and in taxis. It seemed like the Chinese only had a few songs that were standard on the radio or for playing. Most of them were all Chinese pop songs.

One Chinese pop singer named Jay Chou stood out to me, and it was because of his song, "Nunchuks". It reminded me of rap-rock with a Chinese flair because it has a breakdown in the middle with a traditional Chinese instrument, and I liked it very much, because I finally heard something tough being played, so it stood out for me. 

Jay is also a movie star in China! Just recently he starred in an American film, The Green Hornet.  So I was already familiar with him, before his big American debut.  At the end of The Green Hornet as the credits roll, Jay's "Nunchucks" plays!  I recognized, and I said, "Yes!!!", but no one else probably thought much about it, which is why I'm bringing attention to it now!  And yes, I used a lot of exclamation marks for this post.

P.S.  He's actually Taiwanese, not Chinese, but in Mainland China, Taiwan is China! Here's the music video for "Nunchucks".  Don't worry if you can't understand anything he's saying, the Chinese don't understand this song much either: he's rapping with too much slang, and way too fast. 

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