Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scars on Broadway - Kill Each Other/Live Forever

System of a Down broke up but their sound still lives on through Scars on Broadway.  The singer of Scars is Daron Malakian, the guitarist and sometimes backing vocalists, sometimes lead singer of System, and John Dolmayan, the drummer from System, is also in Scars.  Daron is writing the music for Scars and wrote a lot of it for System.  So, yea, it sounds very, very similar.  The difference is that Scars follows more of a straight rock structure in their songs, unlike System which was always very unpredictable.  Scars almost sounds like pop hard rock to me.

I can't fully endorse their first self-titled album, but it's got some OK stuff on it.  Not as good as System in my opinion, but different, so it sounds new.

Scars On Broadway
This is the album cover, if you see it out and about and want to get it.  Or click the pic and get it now or to be able to sample clips of all the songs. 

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