Saturday, March 12, 2011


I bought a guitar magazine in the mid-nineties that contained a mix CD.  The CD was entitled Peaceful Greasy Feelin'.  The CD is now stored in an attic a long ways from where I currently live.  Most of it was garbage, but I pulled out a few songs that I thought were good and put them on a blank cassette tape.  One of those songs that stood out to me was "Booty Street" by Sugartooth.  I looked around for a CD of theirs but never was able to find one.  Now that almost anything can be found on the Internet I decided to search for them.  I can't find the song "Booty Street" anywhere on-line but I found some other songs, and they all sound really good.  Looking on Amazon it appears that the band has only released two CDs, the first being a self-titled CD (1994) and their second being Sounds of Solid (1997).

Most of my searches for the band also bring up Tool, and I think this is because the Sugartooth singer, Marc Hunter, at times sounds similar to Tool's Maynard.  A review for the their self-titled album compared their music to a mix between Led Zeppelin and 90's grunge.  I can easily hear this mix.  They sound like they should be from the 70's on "Booty Street" but their sound doesn't fit that era at all.

They never received a big following but opened for big name bands in the 90's.  The fame they did receive mostly came from being featured on an episode of  Beavis and Butthead.

I'd suggest searching for the actual song "Sold my Fortune" on youtube because it sounds better when you actually get to hear the song instead of Beavis talking.



  1. This is so random, but awesome. I don't know how you think of this stuff.

  2. The reason you can't find the Sugartooth song "Booty Street" from Peaceful Greasy Feelin' is because the song is actually named "Spiral". "Spiral" is from Sugartooth's second album, "The Sounds of Solid".

  3. This blog has been dead awhile.

    Since posting this five years ago, I own both of their CDs. "Booty Street" is track 2 on "The Sounds of Solid". From that CD, I like "Club Foot" and "Solid" better than "Booty Street".